Rosenberg School of Optometry

3 + 4 Bachelor of Science Vision Science / Doctor of Optometry

The Rosenberg School of Optometry at the University of the Incarnate Word, is excited to introduce a new direct admit program. The 3+4 Bachelor of Science in Vision Science / Doctor of Optometry program will provide a student the opportunity to complete the Bachelors of Science in Vision Science and the Doctor of Optometry degree over a seven year period instead of the traditional eight year track.

This curriculum is an accelerated program for the advanced undergraduate student who is ultimately interested in a Doctor of Optometry terminal degree. The successful undergraduate student will qualify to enter this program upon admission to the University with specific criteria (Phase I). The student will need to maintain and meet additional requirements throughout their three years of undergraduate Vision Science coursework in order to be accepted into the O.D. program (Phase II).  Upon acceptance into the professional program and successful completion of the 1st Professional Year, the student will be retroactively granted a B.S. in Vision Science degree. At the successful conclusion of the 4-year block step professional program, the student will be awarded a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) professional degree. Please note that accepted undergraduate students will be expected to meet with the Academic Advisor & a Professional Program representative twice a semester for academic support services.

Please see Phase I Requirements and Phase II Requirements below:

Phase I Qualifications:

  • 1140 SAT / 25 ACT
  • 3.7 High School Cumulative GPA / 3.7 High School Math & Sciences GPA
  • Student must be prepared to begin in Pre-Calculus 1st semester, Freshman Year

Phase II Qualifications:

  • 3.3 Undergraduate CUM GPA / 3.3 Undergraduate Math & Sciences GPA
    • Students must meet this requirement upon application to the professional program
  • Optometry Admissions Test 320 Academic Average / 320 Total Science
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 90 semester credit hours
  • Successful completion of prerequisite requirements with a ‘C’ or better
  • Completion of application process to include submission of OptomCAS & official OAT scores
  • Interview
  • Minimum of two Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to include one LOR from an optometrist & one LOR from an academic advisor or faculty member
  • Minimum of two shadowing experiences with an O.D.
  • Active involvement in community service