MS in Vision Science

Master of Science (MS) in Vision Science

The Graduate Program in Vision Science offers a Master of Science (MS) in Vision Science which ensure that the successful graduate acquires knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as experience and focused training, to conduct independent research in Vision Science.  The program provides a broad, graduate-level core curriculum in vision science, optics, binocular vision, ocular anatomy, physiology, genetics, statistics and research methodology.  Successful candidates receive in-depth training to conduct basic, applied and/or clinical vision research. In addition, students achieve proficiency in developing and presenting basic and advanced material as effective lectures in small to large classes, grand rounds and continuing education venues as well as peer-reviewed presentations at major national and international meetings.


Successful completion of the MS program requires:

  • A minimum of 16 months in residency
  • A minimum of 34 credit hours
  • Successful completion of all core curriculum with letter grades of “B” or higher
  • Successful completion of a written Thesis, all or portions of which are suitable for publication as at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal


Master of Science (16 months) in Vision Science Degree Program

Year 1 Core Curriculum for MS
(Independent study can be substituted for in-class course attendance
if approved by the Thesis Advisor and Course Instructor(s) but all
courses must be completed with a letter grade of “B” or higher)

Fall Semester
Year 1
VISC 6305 Fundamentals of Vision Science 3.0
VISC 6310 Binocular Vision & Ocular Motility 3.0
VISC 6115 Genomics Medicine 1.0
VISC 6220 Ocular Physiology 2.0
MATH 6363 Research Statistics 3.0
VISC 6125 Teaching In Vision Science 1.0

Spring Semester
Year 1
VISC 6530 Visual and Applied Optics 5.0
VISC 6335 Clinical Ocular Anatomy 3.0
VISC 6240 Functional Neuroanatomy 2.0
VISC 6245 Research Methodology and Thesis Development 2.0
VISC 6125 Teaching In Vision Science 1.0

Total Curriculum Hours 26

Master of Science in Vision Science Matriculation Program

Summer Semester
Year 1
VISC 6450 MS In Vision Science Research and Thesis 4.0

Fall Semester
Year 2
VISC 6450 MS In Vision Science Research and Thesis
Final Thesis Submission Due No Later Than 15 November

Total Curriculum Hours 8