Admission Events

Consider inviting one of our UIWRSO representatives to visit with your college pre-optometry society, pre-health professions club, and other health professions organization.

We routinely offer virtual series on the Optometry profession, unique elements of our Doctor of Optometry program, and admissions preparation. We offer customized information sessions for Pre-Optometry and Pre-Health student organizations. Your group can learn more about the optometric profession and the quality education offered at UIWRSO to include the academic, clinical, and student life experiences. We will also review the admissions process and what it takes to be a competitive applicant.

If you would like to request a virtual session for your organization, please e-mail Mrs. Kristine Benne, Enrollment Management, at

FALL 2021 Schedule of Admissions Events

We encourage you to check back here often as new programs and visits are added.

Fall 2021 Schedule of Admissions Events
Date School/Program Organization
Aug. 11 OPT APP: General Admissions Q&A UIWRSO Virtual Series
Aug. 25 OPT APP: OAT 101 UIWRSO Virtual Series
Sept. 8 OPT APP: The Well Rounded Applicant UIWRSO Virtual Series
Sept. 14 University of Texas - Arlington POPS Pre-Optometry Club
Sept. 15 Lamar University Pre-Optometry Pre-Optometry Club
Sept. 21 Texas A&M University - College Station AOA Pre-Optometry Club
Sept. 22 OPT APP: General Admissions Q&A UIWRSO Virtual Series
Sept. 29 EnVision Your Future: UIWRSO Cardinal Culture UIWRSO Virtual Series
Oct. 5 University of Oklahoma Pre-Optometry Club Pre-Optometry Club
Oct. 6 OPT APP: The Interview Overview UIWRSO Virtual Series
Oct. 11 University of Texas - Austin POPS Pre-Optometry Club
Oct. 13 EnVision Your Future: Academic Success at UIWRSO UIWRSO Virtual Series
Oct. 14 Optometry Virtual Fair ASCO
Oct. 16 University of California - Davis Pre-Health Conference Virtual Health Professions Fair
Oct. 19 University of Kansas Pre-Optometry Club Pre-Optometry Club
Oct. 20 OPT APP: Investing in Your Future UIWRSO Virtual Series
Oct. 27 EnVision Your Future: UIWRSO Clinical Curriculum Overview UIWRSO Virtual Series
Nov. 3 OPT APP: General Admissions Q&A UIWRSO Virtual Series
Nov. 17 OPT APP: The Successful Transition to Optometry School UIWRSO Virtual Series