Direct Admit Program

Admission Information

UIW invites exceptionally qualified high school students to pursue our Direct Admit option, which leads to a Doctor of Optometry degree. The four-step process includes: general admission to UIW; application and acceptance to Direct Admit; satisfactory completion of undergraduate degree; acceptance into the Rosenberg School of Optometry.

Students who meet the qualification criteria listed below when applying to the University will receive an email invitation shortly after they are admitted. Students will be asked to elect which program they are interested in and to complete a survey. Responses are shared with the respective schools who interview and admit students at their discretion. Please contact the Office of Admissions at (210) 829-6005 with any additional questions.

Enrollment in this program is contingent on:

  • December 1 - Priority Deadline

  • March 1 - Deadline for Direct Admit


Doctor of Optometry Program

Direct Admit Qualifications

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.7
  • High school math and science GPA of 3.7
  • ACT of 25 or combined verbal/math SAT of 1210
  • Student must be prepared to begin in Pre-Calculus in 1st semester of freshman year
  • Successful interview with Optometry Faculty

To be contacted by an Admissions Counselor, please fill out our UIW Inquiry Form.

Direct Admit Doctor of Optometry Program (3+4)

The successful undergraduate applicant will qualify to enter this program upon admission to the University with specific criteria (Phase I). In order to successfully progress, maintain direct admit scholarships and be accepted into the O.D. program, participants will need to satisfy additional requirements throughout their undergraduate Vision Science coursework (Phase II). Our commitment to each student's success extends beyond the classroom. In order to provide the necessary guidance, each student will have at minimum one meeting each semester with the Vision Science academic advisor and professional school representative to discuss the student's progress and planning.

The 3+4 Direct Admit Bachelor of Science in Vision Science / Doctor of Optometry is an accelerated track that provides a student the opportunity to complete both the Bachelors of Science in Vision Science and the Doctor of Optometry degree over a seven year period. Upon acceptance into the professional program and successful completion of the 1st Professional Year, the student will be retroactively granted a B.S. in Vision Science degree. 

For additional details regarding Phase I Entrance Qualifications and Phase II Progression Qualifications, please see below:

Phase I Entrance Qualifications:

  • 1210 SAT / 25 ACT 
  • 3.7 High School Cumulative GPA / 3.7 High School Math & Sciences GPA
  • Student must be prepared to begin in Pre-Calculus 1st semester, Freshman Year
    • SAT Math score of 550 or ACT Math score of 22
    • A grade of B or better in high school Pre-Calculus

Phase II Progression Qualifications:

  • 3.75 Undergraduate CUM GPA / 3.75 Undergraduate Math & Sciences GPA (3+4 Direct Admit) 
    • To remain in the direct admit program and be eligible for the $2500 scholarship, students must meet this requirement at the conclusion of each undergraduate academic year
  • Successful completion of 30 credit hours per undergraduate academic year
    • To remain in the direct admit program and be eligible for the $2500 scholarship, students must meet this requirement at the conclusion of each undergraduate academic year
  • Optometry Admissions Test 320 Academic Average / 320 Total Science
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 90 semester credit hours
  • Successful completion of prerequisite requirements with a ‘C’ or better
  • Completion of application process to include submission of OptomCAS & official OAT scores
  • Successful interview with Rosenberg School of Optometry faculty
  • Minimum of two Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to include one LOR from an optometrist & one LOR from an academic advisor or faculty member
  • Minimum of two shadowing experiences with an O.D.
  • Active involvement in community service