Meet a growing demand. Advance a dynamic profession.

Whether you have chosen optometry, or optometry has chosen you, know that you seek to join a noble and highly-respected profession. As a Doctor of Optometry, you will provide independent primary care for the eye and visual system and meet a growing demand for diagnosis and treatment of age-related eye disease from an aging population.

Rolling Admissions

The Rosenberg School of Optometry admits qualified applicants on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly encouraged. In addition to the academic aspects of your application (GPA, OAT scores), we look for applicants who have shown an active interest in optometry (shadowing, volunteering) and who embrace our mission of service.

Merit Scholarships

A limited number of school-based merit-based scholarships are available to incoming students. All accepted students are automatically evaluated during the admissions process for scholarship consideration. Merit-based awards are awarded based upon qualifying academic, service and leadership factors. These scholarships currently range from $1000 to help offset books, supplies and equipment to $8000 to help significantly mitigate the cost of attendance.

We also track more than 100 public scholarships and awards for your benefit.

Direct Admit Scholarships

Highly qualified first-time freshmen may be eligible for direct admission to the Rosenberg School of Optometry on a conditional basis, pending overall GPA, SAT/ACT and other requirements. Students who graduate from a Texas high school and are accepted into the direct admit program receive a $2,500 scholarship per year for full-time study, renewable for up to eight years.

To better serve all patients, optometry and vision science continue to adopt and embrace new technology (big data mining, wearable diagnostics, smart phone apps, telemedicine) to improve care and expand access.