Spiritual Support

Find Personal Growth at a Top Faith-Based Optometry School

At UIWRSO, you'll develop academically, socially and spiritually – to what degree is always up to you. We're proud of our principle-driven curriculum that we believe is the foundation of great optometrists and community leaders. We believe character matters. You'll hear our students say it's the “hardest curriculum you'll ever love.”

The Interfaith Room

There will be peaks and valleys, which is why our Interfaith Room is so popular. Designed by students with an indoor water feature, the Interfaith Room provides a quiet place to pray, meditate and reflect. It's a dignified example of our continuing commitment to our students' personal and spiritual growth.

The Mission of UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry

The mission of the University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry is to educate and prepare future leaders in optometry through excellence in education, patient care, and vision research. This is achieved in an environment committed to personal growth within a context of faith, human dignity and social justice.

Students are driven by the mission

We believe studying healthcare issues through a faith-based lens provides inspiration leading to solutions. We've even developed a Personal Development Pathway delivered through workshops and lectures during the first two years of professional study.

UIWRSO: Where personal growth meets the opportunity of a lifetime

Personal Development Pathway

Our commitment to UIWRS0 Students and the greater community extends well beyond the classroom. We challenge you to consider what it means to be a compassionate doctor and leader in the community. In this effort, we have integrated the Health Professional Personal Pathway into specific courses within the first two years of professional study.

Examples of workshops and lectures within the personal development pathway include topics on mission, service, ethics, social justice, human dignity, leadership, embracing diversity, effective communication, self-care, and a patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Fall 1st Year Mission Workshop

  • Self-Reflection – Setting Expectations
  • Understanding UIWRSO Culture and Language>
  • Importance of Service

Spring 1st Year Ethics Workshop

  • Self-Reflection – Setting a New Year's Resolution
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Applied Ethics
  • Optometric Ethics

Fall 2nd Year Resilience Workshop

  • Self-Reflection – Preparation for the Challenges Ahead
  • Stress Management
  • Caring for the Career
  • Finding a Balance

Spring 2nd Year Patient Care

  • Self-Reflection – Patient Care Observation<
  • Human dignity & Social Justice – A Compassionate Approach to Healthcare