Meet Our Doctors


A. Philip Aitsebaomo, OD, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aitsebaomo's Full Bio

Farshid Amir, OD

Assistant Professor

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Aubrey Breithaupt, OD

Chief of Pediatrics
Senior Clinical Instructor

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Jeffery M. Cleland, OD, MBA, FAAO

Chief, Cornea and Contact Lens

Senior Clinical Instructor

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Russell Coates, OD

Assistant Professor

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Charles G. Connor, PhD, OD, FAAO


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Allison Cronin, OD

Chief, Sports and Vision Performance Service
Senior Clinical Instructor

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Judith Driscoll, OD

Lyndsey Ferris, OD

Sandra Fortenberry, OD, FAAO

Dean, Rosenberg School of Optometry

Assistant Professor

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Amy Ferguson, OD, MS

Assistant Clinical Professor

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Brian K. Foutch, OD, PhD, FAAO

Assistant Professor

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Richa Garg, OD

Chief, Ocular Disease Assistant Clinical Professor

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Jesal Haribhakti, OD

Assistant Professor

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Narges Kasraie, OD

Assistant Professor

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Brandon La

Resident, Low Vision Rehabilitation

Renee A. Lascu-Garcia

Resident, Pediatrics

Samantha Lin

Resident, Primary Care

Yutaka Maki, OD, MS

Chief, Vision Therapy and Binocular Vision Service
Assistant Professor

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Ray Martinez, OD

Allan McCleary, OD

Senior Clinical Instructor

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William L. Miller, OD, MS, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

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Srihari Narayanan, OD, PhD, FAAO

Chief, Primary Care Service
Chief, Dry Eye Service

Srihari Narayanan, OD, PhD, FAAO

Kim Thien Huong Nguyen, OD, FAAO

Senior Clinical Instructor

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Robert Onofre, OD

Director of Clinical Business Operations

Senior Clinical Instructor

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Raelyn Ottenbreit, OD

Senior Clinical Instructor

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Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO


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Jeff C. Rabin, OD, MS, PhD, Dipl. Vis. Science

Chief, Visual Neurophysiology Service
Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, Research and Assessment

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Christopher M. Putnam, OD

Kyle Sandberg, OD, FAAO

Assistant Dean for Professional Development Chief, Peri-Operative Service
Chief, Outpatient Surgery Service
Senior Clinical Instructor

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Stephanie Schmiedecke Barbieri, OD, FAAO, ABCMO, Dipl Low Vision

Chief, Low Vision Services
Assistant Professor

Dr. Schmiedecke Barbieri's Full Bio

William Sponsel, MD, MB, ChB, FRANZCO2

Janet Summers, OD

Chief, Bowden Eye Care and Health Institute
Senior Clinical Instructor

Jenny G. Terrell Feenstra, OD

Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Terrell Feenstra's Full Bio

Matt Sin Valdes, OD, FAAO

Clinical Instructor

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Elaine Vlasak, OD

Nekima Williams, OD

Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
Assistant Professor

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Kimberly Woideck, OD

Fellow, Sports and Vision Enhancement

Jeannette A. Wong-Powell, OD, FAAO

Senior Clinical Instructor

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Ashleight Yates, OD

Clinical Assistant Professor

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