Dr. FortenberrySandra Fortenberry

Dean and Associate Professor

E-mail: fortenbe@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8689

Dr. Philip AitsebaomoPhilip Aitsebaomo

Associate Professor

E-mail: aitsebao@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6873

Farshid AmirFarshid Amir

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: amir@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6823

Nancy AmirNancy Amir

Assistant Professor

E-mail: namir@uiwtx.edu

Aubrey BreithauptAubrey Breithaupt

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: breithau@uiwtx.edu

Dr. Jeffrey ClelandJeffrey Cleland

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: cleland@uiwtx.edu

Russell CoatesRussell Coates

Associate Professor / Director of Outreach Programs

E-mail: coates@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6871

Charles ConnorCharles Connor


E-mail: cconnor@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6824

Allison CroninAllison Cronin

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: achinn@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8166

Dr. Amy FergusonAmy Ferguson

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: aferguso@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6895

Dr. Lourdes FortepianiLourdes Fortepiani


E-mail: fortepia@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8169

Dr. Brian FoutchBrian K. Foutch


E-mail: foutch@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8162

Dr. Richa Garg

Richa Garg

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: rgarg@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 874-2900

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Jesal HaribhaktiJesal Haribhakti

Assistant Professor

E-mail: haribhak@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6853

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Dr. Narges KasraieNarges Kasraie

Associate Professor

E-mail: nkasraie@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8167

Yukata MakiYutaka Maki

Associate Professor

E-mail: maki@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6886

Ray Martinez

Senior Clinical Instructor

E-mail: rcmarti3@uiwtx.edu

Dr. Allan McClearyAllan McCleary

Senior Clinical Instructor

E-mail: amcclear@uiwtx.edu

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William MillerWilliam L. Miller

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs / Professor

E-mail: wlmiller@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 883-1192

Dr. Srihari NarayananSrihari Narayanan


E-mail: narayana@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6436

Dr. Robert OnofreRobert Onofre

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: ronofre@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6447

Dr. Raelyn OttenbreitRaelyn Ottenbreit

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: ottenbre@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 930-8163

Dr. Joseph PizzimentiJoseph J. Pizzimenti


E-mail: pizzimen@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6828

Dr. Jeff RabinJeff C. Rabin

Assistant Dean for Research, Assessment and Graduate Studies / Professor

E-mail: rabin@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 883-1197

Dr. Roberto SaenzDr. Roberto R. Saenz II

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: rrsaenz2@uiwtx.edu

Patricia Sanchez-DiazPatricia Sanchez-Diaz


E-mail: sanchezd@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6894

Dr. Kyle SandbergKyle Sandberg

Assistant Dean for Professional Advancement and Associate Professor

E-mail: ksandber@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6876

Dr. Stephanie Schmiedecke BarbieriStephanie Schmiedecke Barbieri

Professor / Residency Director/ Chief of the Low Vision Service

E-mail: schmiede@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6859

William Sponsel

Professor of Visual Science

E-mail: sponsel@uiwtx.edu

Dr. Janet SummersJanet Summers

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: jesummer@uiwtx.edu

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Dr. Jenny TerrellJenny Terrell

Clinical Associate Professor

E-mail: jgterrel@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (817) 289-6800

Matt Sin ValdesMatt Sin Valdes

Associate Professor

E-mail: mvaldes@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 805-6800

Dr. Nekima WilliamsNekima Williams

Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs / Director of Externship Programs

E-mail: ngwillia@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6827

Dr. Jeannette Wong-PowellJeannette Wong-Powell

Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: wongpowe@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6885

Dr. Ashleigh YatesAshleigh V. Yates

Senior Clinical Instructor

E-mail: avyates@uiwtx.edu

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